There are several ways to personalize your gift with a birthstone. You may wish to begin with his or her birthstone, later adding the birthstones of children or grandchildren, as time goes by. Another way to go about personalizing your gift is by selecting a stone based on its meaning. This is a significant way to acknowledge their personal attributes.

Garnet - January
Consistency, perseverance, good health
(Yellow orange to orange red and orange brown or reddish brown)


Amethyst - February
Sincerity, security, peace of mind
Purples (most valuable of the quartz group)


Aquamarine - March
Beauty, honesty, loyalty blues
(Santa Maria - finest blue color)


Diamond - April
Purity, invincibility, good fortune
(See our link, Four C's)


Emerald - May
Faith, courage, foresight
Greens (most valuable of beryl)


Pearl - June: Tranquility, innocence, longevity: ( Salt -Water -white, creamy to creamy golden browns, light to medium gray, light to medium blue, black various degrees of luster and orient )
( Fresh -Water -fancy colors common, usually have high luster and orient )


Ruby - July: Success, devotion, integrity
Medium-light to dark tones of red to purple-red (most valuable described as pigeon's blood, pure red with a hint of blue)


Peridot - August
Fame, dignity, protection
Transparent medium to dark yellowish green


Sapphire - September
Love, mercy, victory
Velvety violet blue (most valuable is pure cornflower blue)


Pink Tourmaline - October
Hope, happiness, truth: Transparent red tones, green tones, blue tones multi-colored& tri-colored are beautiful (most valuable is red)


Opal - October
also for October...
Color: translucent milky-white body color


Citrine - November
Inspiration, depth, sincerity
Yellowish to orange red to orange browns


Blue Topaz - November
Fidelity, providence, good luck
Light blue to very light blue, light red to light violet red , and a variety of other colors


Blue Zircon - December
Prosperity, piety, courage
Red, brown, green, blue, colorless - very rare



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